Instructions For Downloading and Printing an "Aircraft Specific Scale"


  1. On the Home Page move your mouse over on the "Downloads" tab and select "Aircraft Specific Scales"
  2. Find your aircraft by Make, Model, and Usable Fuel (Each Tank, Not Total) and click on it. Note: If your aircraft is not in the list you will need to calibrate it using the "Universal Scale". On the website's home page select download tab and then the instructions and the worksheet for "Calibrating your FuelStik" and follow the steps outlined there.
  3. A PDF of the Scale will Appear in the new window or tab.
  4. Click on the "Print" button and a window will appear with a small picture of what your going to print and some options on the left.
  5. Once you have that window showing, and this is very important, look at the "Print Scaling" Box. It will likely say "Shrink to Printable Area". You will need to use the drop down box and change it to "None" or select "Scale" then change to 100%.
  6. Go ahead and print the scale.
  7. There is a couple ways you can determine if it printed correctly. The first is to compare the printed scale area (Surrounded with a Bold Line) with the length of the universal scale that was likely supplied in your FuelStik. The other is to measure the area with the bold lines and assure that it is about 8 15/16 inch but not grater than 9 inches in length.
  8. Since different computer and printers interface in unique ways you may find that the size is off some. If it is off by more than an 1/8 of an inch you will need to zoom in or out, reprint and check size again. As a rule of thumb, zoom in or out 1.35% for each 1/8 inch. If you are unable to correct it, try another computer/ printer combination or e mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will solve it for you.
  9. When you have the scale printed to within an 1/8th of an inch of the 8 15/16, cut it out along the bold lines. It should match the size of the scale originally in your FuelStik.
  10. Take the small plug out of the top of your FuelStik and slide the existing scale out. Curl your new scale some so that it will start going in and push it down almost all the way. With about a 1/4 inch or so sticking out and the seam straight up and down, put the plug on the inside of the scale and invert the FuelStik so you can push the plug into the float tube until it is all the way in and the scale is caught between the plug and the tube.


Now you are ready to use your FuelStik.

Hint: The best way to check it's accuracy and learn to trust its readings is when buying fuel. Test your FuelStik readings against the fuel you purchased. For example: Your FuelStik reads 16 gallons in 25 gallon tank, see if it takes 9 gallons to fill. Be sure to set your fuel selector to left or right during that process or cross feeding might occur (especially in high wing aircraft).


Caution - The operator of the FuelStik "Master" is solely responsible to assure that the correct scale is
 properly installed in the Float Tube and that through on-ground experience the operator has observed that
 the quantities shown are accurate. The FuelStik is a secondary means of estimating fuel quantity
 and in no way is meant to replace the fuel measuring equipment mandated by FAR's or otherwise.