Instructions For Using Your FuelStik "Master"


● After removing the gas tank cap, lower the FuelStik "Master" into the fuel tank until it rests on the bottom of the tank.

● While holding it vertically* notice where the top of the main tube intersects the "Scale" when it stops rising. Now you can observe the amount of fuel you have in that tank in both US Gallons and Pound. You will easily be able to interpret 1/2 gallon quantities.

 ● Consistent readings can be observed in almost any condition so long as the aircraft is sitting reasonably level. On windy days or when someone has boarded the aircraft and the fuel is sloshing in the tank you will still get even readings.

● When completed, lift the "FuelStik" out of the tank pausing just before it exits the tank for a few seconds. When the fuel that has entered the main tube has drained out you are ready to check the other tank.

●  After completion, return the "FuelStik" to it's vented storage tube.  The pocket in the back of the front seats is an ideal location to keep the storage tube.

 ● The "Vented Cap" is optional to replace.


* In tail wheel aircraft you will need to hold the device at a near vertical angle (that is where the scale was calibrated). In some aircraft with tabs, you might need to use a consistent angle that allows you to insert the unit into the tank (that is also where the scale was calibrated).


Caution - The operator of the FuelStik "Master" is solely responsible to assure that the correct scale is
 properly installed in the Float Tube and that through on-ground experience the operator has observed that
 the quantities shown are accurate. The FuelStik is a secondary means of estimating fuel quantity
 and in no way is meant to replace the fuel measuring equipment mandated by FAR's or otherwise.